2257 Notice

At UndHer, we only produce with the top professional and vetted adult talent in the industry. As such, we have strict requirements as to the types of models we film with as well as keeping safe appropriate identification records. As career performers, we foster a peaceful, safe, and highly private environment full of support and understanding; thus, we take the subject of "abuse" very seriously.

18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.

We too have been victims of abuse, endangerment, threats, and attack over the years. It's critical we keep all of our models safe from harm, stalking, doxxing, and the like. As such, we have a shared interest to keep our private information secure as well as look out for the well-being of everyone we work with.

To wit, Government agencies and/or their legally authorized representatives may certainly feel free to email us directly at lunalightllc@protonmail.com. To avoid imposters, we will be contacting the agency the sender claims to represent to verify identification; and if all checks out, we will gladly furnish the private address where our 2257 Complaince Records are kept in good order.

Thank you for your understanding, discretion, and help in keeping us all safe and in good standing with The Law of this great country.